The 3D Printing Student Challenge is a competition to stimulate the creativity of students and young professionals while embracing 3D printing techniques.


For who?

Students and young professionals (with maximum 3 years of experience), regardless of their background and curriculum. You can participate either individually or in team, up to 4 participants. Diversity is encouraged : teams with students from at least 2 different disciplines will get a bonus.

What to design?

An object with maximum dimensions 25cm x 25cm x25cm, composed exclusively from 3D printed material. You can choose between 3 categories :

  • Consumer Markets : Sustainable sports gear, add-ons & spare parts
    Design a useful product for athletes (any sport/level). You are free to invent something new or enhance an existing object. Sustainability is the future. If you are able to make an object more efficient or easily recyclable or you expand its life cycle, you get bonus points.
  • Industrial Application : Tackle a company-owned challenge
    You are a young professional or an intern and you want to tackle a challenge inside your company through a 3D printed object? It’s time to give it a go!
  • Artistic Design : “Printed Complexity”
    How would you print complexity? Explore the concept and bring it to life with a strong visual object, printed in one piece that can exposed and would not be possible to create with other techniques.



The challenge will take place between October 15 and May 19, with webinars, coaching and (optional) company visits. Overview of the key dates :


27/2 : Company Visit Spentys (Register here)


Company visit : ZiggZagg & BMT Aerospace (Register here)


General feedback sessions with all experts


Deadline to send in your object


Selection of the three best projects in each category


Award Ceremony

On your own?

To help you design the best project you will have access to different tools : webinars given by different experts, a database of helpful documents, a general feedback session with all our experts.

You can also get some coaching time with one of our partners:

Your school/ organization isn’t listed? Contact us so we can put you in contact with one of our coaches!

An object and a pitch

Projects will not only be evaluated based on the quality of your object. What did you do? Why and how? Take the jury on a journey through your project in a 5 minute video.

And the winner is …

A jury composed of academic, artistic and industrial 3D printing experts will pre-select 3 projects per category, based on your object and your video pitch. These will be submitted to the public (through social media). The final results will be the outcome of the public vote and quotation of the jury (50/50). 
Jury evaluation criteria are : respect for the maximum dimensions (25cm x 25cm x25cm ),  3D printing design pertinence, originality & creativity and market opportunity (only for the consumer markets).

The best project in each category will win 1000€. The prize will be awarded during the annual Agoria Event “Additive is addictive” on May 19.